Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sexual Intimacy

     This week in class we've been talking about sexual health and nature, as well as the differences between men and women. We as young adults need to be educated on topics such as these to be able to be realistic as we prepare for marriage. Expectations need to be realistic about sex and intimacy within the boundaries in marriage.
     The key to understanding your partner and being able to be sexually compatible is first and foremost, communication. We as Latter Day Saints don't engage in sexual activity until after we're married, so how do we know if we will have a sexually satisfying marriage? I think it's important to understand that a married couple has the rest of their lives to figure it out. Sure it will take effort, a few awkward conversations and maybe even tears. However if we preserve our bodies until after marriage it is then we are able to fully explore and understand our partners.

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